There is a danger in life when you do not have others to be accountable to.

Currently, I am repairing a bicycle that has many things wrong with it; the tubes are flat, the chain and gears are rusty and the rim is bent. However, its most fatal condition lies beneath the visible in the bearings on the crankshaft. After a careful disassembling, I found that the bearing casings are not only bent, but are actually missing three of the eight balls on one side. If the owner only would have had someone periodically check the bicycle’s condition, it would not be in its current state. Slowly and steadily they were unaware of the deteriorating conditions, not even noticing any problems or issues until it just wouldn’t work any more.

Likewise, we need others in our lives who notice when we ever so slightly stray off course. It’s not always comfortable, but it is necessary. Be wise and receive instruction from those whom you have made yourself accountable. It may save your life.