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A complete and comprehensive home improvement service, both business and ministry depending on your circumstances.

Licensed & insured at commercial levels.


We Can Do it All

Repurpose, Remodel, Restore (RE3) is a complete home improvement business ministry. We don’t limit our scope of work, so it can include anything from fixing a water leak, replacing windows and doors, to remodeling a kitchen, rebuilding a fireplace and so much more. Whatever your project need is, we are able to take care of your needs without skimping on quality.

Give us the opportunity to meet your needs and you won’t be disappointed.

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Complete Clean Up

Be pleasantly surprised when I leave things better than when I arrived.

Finish Detail & Trim Carpentry

Although I love being creative, my true specialty is finish detail and trim carpentry. I have multiple contractors who value my work ethic and expertise, and call me in to complete work prior to inspections.

Creative Problem Solving

Sometimes you have a problem, sometimes you have an idea and you just don’t know how to go about having your vision turn into a reality. I find creative solutions streamlined to your budget. It’s all about having your dreams realized but not having it break the bank. 

No Limitations

Past projects have included doors, windows, drywall repair, wood & laminate flooring, siding, custom kitchens, soffit, facia, decks, ADA ramps, A/C, plumbing, light electrical and more…

Facilities & Maintenance

Any variety of home and business repair needs.

Project Gallery

Complete Remodel Interior & Exterior – Sanford

From start to finish this home was transformed. The back of house was opened up by adding a slider to have additional natural light and a panoramic view of the lake. The laundry was brought from the garage inside for convenience. New windows, doors, flooring, cabinets, bathrooms, siding, soffit, fascia, not to mention that the floor plan was opened up to take advantage of this home’s layout and the extraordinary view of the lake.

Front Porch/Entry – Maitland

This project consisted of a new front door installation, brick pavers and hand crafted wooden posts. The transformation is beautiful.

Windows, Doors & Floors – locations vary

Bathroom Remodel – Altamonte Springs

ADA Wheelchair Ramps – locations vary

Complete Remodel Interior – Plant City

Miscellaneous Projects & Creative Work – locations vary

Whatever the need and project, we can help you out. From windows and doors, to water heaters. There is no limitation to the scope of projects.

What People are saying


…for 2 1/2 years, John, a disabled vet, could only take a sponge bath for fear of falling in the tub as he had done before. We were given a VA grant but it was impossible to find a contractor to do the work for the amount provided by the grant. When I told Stacey about the problem, his response was the first glimmer of hope that this prayer would be answered. Stacey did an outstanding job using all of his skills, knowledge and experience without skimping on quality.


Bathroom Remodel

We purchased a beat up, run down house that was built in the 1970s.  It took a lot of hard work and time, but with vision, creativity and a lot of ingenuity, the entire inside of the home was fabulously remodeled!  And when I say remodeled, I mean every wall, ceiling and flooring substrate was replaced. All the windows and doors were removed, replaced or expanded. He even helped us run new electric and plumbing throughout.

Stacey was easy to collaborate with and he caught my vision and enjoyed the creative process. His answer was never “no,” it was always, “Sure, we can do that.” If you want someone with a can-do attitude, amazing carpentry skills, the ability to make something out of nothing, and most importantly, someone you can trust, then you have found your man.


Kitchen & House Remodel

No project is too big or too small. We’re always blessed that we can count and rely on you to go above and beyond our expectations.


Stage Remodel

Look what Stacey B Guhr did for me last night. I’m one happy camper. #sothankful #classy.


Closet Doors

From Our Founders

Repurposing, Remodeling, and Restoring

not only homes, but lives

We have traveled many roads. Experiencing life's highs and lows, we know firsthand what it means to be unable to financially meet basic needs and we've also seen God's provision and watched Him grow our skills and gifts. Only recently have we realized that all the roads we've traveled have been leading us directly to this ministry all along.

This is why God has called us...

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Be Accountable

We need others in our lives who notice when we ever so slightly stray off course. It’s not always comfortable, but it is necessary. Be wise and receive instruction from those whom you have made yourself accountable…

Mending Fences

It’s not easy mending fences, it takes work and effort even when things seem as though they should be simple. God showed me that the fences He was referring to were relationships…

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